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I am a Washington, D.C.-based composer and producer
making music that draws from across genres. My music voices my introversion, growing from and engaging with an inner language via the non-performative, individually-experienced medium of recorded sound. Using the tools of electronic music as a basis, I explore ideas of self-expansion and self-control through experimental sound collage combined with rigorous structuring and rhythmic patterning. In balancing these processes, my aim is to create music that unfolds as a striking vision of the self, both familiar and not, alternately clarifying and destabilizing. The tension in this vision relates to my experience of cycling between intense inner activity and psychological release, an essential part of what it means for me to be alive.

In 2019, as the result of a long effort to consider my sound, composition process, and musical mindset, I will release the EP Jamais Vu on New Amsterdam Records. Two years before, I launched a solo project called Altered Axiom, composing, producing, and self-releasing the full-length album Insulation Kit. The album was my first major production effort and an initial foray into electro-acoustic music.

I grew up in suburban Maryland, where I studied jazz piano and also played guitar, saxophone, and drum set at various points. I studied composition at Yale College with Konrad Kaczmarek and Kathryn Alexander. After college, I studied with William Brittelle in New Amsterdam Records’ first-ever Composers Lab, where I learned it might be possible to chart an individual and fulfilling path for myself in music.

Main – objects & photos by Shu Ohno
About – photo by Julia Char Gilbert