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If you enjoyed Insulation Kit...

Please consider supporting me by purchasing the record. As an emerging artist, the impact of your purchase in an amount as little as $8 is huge for me. You will be directly funding the recording and release of exciting, new mixed-genre music, for which there is no established commercial outlet. Click the button below to visit my Bandcamp page, where you can name your price for a high-quality download of Insulation Kit. Thank you!

Where will your money go?

  1. Funding new projects: Your support fuels my budget to record and release groundbreaking new music by myself and in collaboration with others.

  2. Production: Mixing and mastering, performed by engineers prior to music’s release, are arts in themselves—and critical to how we perceive a finished piece of music. With your help, I can achieve professional-quality results during the production process and make choices about who to work with for artistic, rather than financial, reasons.

  3. Distribution: There are fees involved every time music is distributed to Spotify, iTunes, and other digital platforms. Your contribution covers these fees, creating access to my music for as many people as possible.

Thank you for your support!