Jacob Taswell Wide.jpg

I am a Washington, D.C.-based composer and producer
making music that draws from across genres. My music opens private spaces of possibility in an externally-focused world. I work primarily in the non-performative, individually-experienced medium of recorded sound, combining processing of acoustic and electronic sound sources with rigorous structuring and rhythmic patterning. In balancing these techniques, I envision music that is at once atmospheric and driving, familiar and far-reaching, clarifying and destabilizing.

In 2019, as the result of a long effort to consider my sound, composition process, and artistic goals, I will release the EP Jamais Vu on New Amsterdam Records. Two years before, I launched a solo project called Altered Axiom, composing, producing, and self-releasing the full-length album Insulation Kit and directing a theatrical production based on the album. Insulation Kit was my first major production effort and an initial foray into electro-acoustic music.

I grew up in suburban Maryland, where I studied jazz piano and also played guitar, saxophone, and drum set at various points. I studied composition at Yale College with Konrad Kaczmarek and Kathryn Alexander. After college, I studied with William Brittelle in New Amsterdam Records’ first-ever Composers Lab.

Main: artwork & photos by Shu Ohno