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I am a Denver-based composer and producer making music that does not adhere to conventional genres. My music opens private spaces of possibility in a largely public and defined world.

In 2019, I released the five-track EP Jamais Vu on New Amsterdam Records’ Windmill Series. The music on the EP is based on the sounds and styles of rock bands, pushing new organizational structures and meanings for these familiar elements through digital techniques. Making the EP involved applying large amounts of processing to a small collection of lo-fi recordings and stock virtual instruments, and patterning these sounds across complex, flowing rhythmic spaces with the aid of software.

In 2017, I started a recording project called Altered Axiom, composing, producing, and self-releasing the full-length album Insulation Kit. The album was my first major production effort and an initial foray into electro-acoustic composition. The same year, I directed a theatrical production based on Insulation Kit that featured video and dance elements alongside the music.

I grew up in Maryland, where I studied blues and jazz piano for many years and played some guitar, saxophone, and drum set at various points. I studied composition at Yale College with Konrad Kaczmarek and Kathryn Alexander. After college, I studied post-genre music with William Brittelle in New Amsterdam Records’ first-ever Composers Lab.

Artwork & photos on home page by Shu Ohno