Jacob Taswell is crafting a body of studio music that draws freely from across genres. Recasting idiomatic elements of rock, pop, and jazz, his work calls attention to exciting contours and crevices in the contemporary art-pop landscape. His music-making process incorporates lo- and hi-fi techniques, with DIY recordings and digital instruments joining to create vibrant songs and soundscapes. He uses off-the-grid drum sequencing to express a fluid, personal sense of rhythm rare in music assembled on a computer. Jacob hopes for his music to have a visceral impact on listeners, intensifying the way they see and feel the world.

As an instrumentalist, Jacob was brought up on jazz piano, also playing saxophone, guitar, and drum set at various points. He has studied composition at Yale College with Konrad Kaczmarek and as part of New Amsterdam Records’ first-ever Composers Lab with William Brittelle. He currently lives near Washington, D.C., and releases music under both his own name and the moniker Altered Axiom.